Ana-Maria about Youth Activator in Harmony

There were severel facilitation techniques use by trainers which included group discussion (2-5 persons) and a lot of practical implementation of the techniques (in order to make sure all the participants get the whole concept and practice what we learn). It was useful the practice exercices (voice and rhytms tools; acro yoga tools; balancing exercices).Czytaj dalej „Ana-Maria about Youth Activator in Harmony”

Veronica about Youth Activator in Harmony

I improved my skills in getting confident with myself through growing awareness of my body and mentality. Not everybody feels comfortable interacting with strangers, that’s why youth trainers should be able to indicate people how to communicate even non-verbally with others. For instance, Trainer Olga taught us tools to ‚warm up’ before starting whatever exerciseCzytaj dalej „Veronica about Youth Activator in Harmony”