We and Erasmus+

Youth Support Centre since 2016 is active partner and applicant organisation in Erasmus+ Programme.
We established long-term and reliable partnerships with non-governmental organisations, associations, foundations, schools and companies from Poland, The Republic of North Macedonia, Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Cyprus.
The network of experienced trainers, youth leaders, project managers and volunteers as well as huge experience in project cycle, logistics and resourses has been successfully build up while implementing already 7 projects co-funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.
  • Training Course „Youth Support Youth”,
    August/September 2016, Stara Kraśnica, Poland
  • Training Course „Youth Employability Stimulators of Tomorrow”,
    January/February 2017, Szklarska Poręba, Poland
  • Training Course Youth Employability Leaders of Tomorrow,
    December 2018, Wrocław, Poland
  • Seminar „Youth Activators in Harmony”,
    April 2019, Jagniątków – Jelenia Góra, Poland
  • Seminar „Let’s get online”,
    August 2019, Jagniątków – Jelenia Góra, Poland
  • Training Course „Rising Digital Youth Workers”,
    January 2020, Stara Kraśnica, Poland
  • Training Course „Training on Leadership and Facilitation in Youth Work”, March 2020, Stara Kraśnica, Poland

What is more, there is ongoing Youth Exchange ” Balance Yourself Together with Us” that was supposed to be implemented on April 2020 in Jagniątków, Poland but had to be post-poned to August/September 2020.

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