A Toolkit from Youth Activator in Harmony

We would like to present you a document created by participants of the Training Course ” Youth Activator in Harmony” hosted on April 2019 in Poland.

Training time contained mainly of non-formal methods of work, presentations and workshop exercises, as well as small talks, written or drawn summaries.

The methods used in the content of the training were: basics of AcroYoga, PlayFight, Contact Improvisation, voice work, simple and polyphonic song, rhythm play, voice improvisation and elements of Mindfulness.

Sharing tools methods and structures are based on Open Space Technology.

Each activity, and in some cases also each exercises, were summarized and there was space for the participants to express their experience and find implementation for it in their field of work.

Harvesting methods: “Focused Journaling”, everyday “Chewing Trios” and “Group Sharing”, World Cafe, FishBowl, MindMapping and open discussions.

Visit the blog of the project to explore more: https://yahbyysc.wordpress.com/

Opublikowane przez Youth Support Centre Foundation

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