Veronica about Youth Activator in Harmony

I improved my skills in getting confident with myself through growing awareness of my body and mentality.

Not everybody feels comfortable interacting with strangers, that’s why youth trainers should be able to indicate people how to communicate even non-verbally with others.

For instance, Trainer Olga taught us tools to ‚warm up’ before starting whatever exercise ; listen to our feelings – be they positive or negative; meet others’ needs in order to better adapt whatever exercise or tool to their personality , thus renforcing group membership and appealing people’s trust in ourselves.

This Training course represents the best experience I’ve ever had . I met my limits, I ‚ve been put into challenging situations that I finally approached with my best.

Never forget those sharing moments with all the group discussing about everyone’s opinions about the several sessions we attended during that week.

Veronica Varricchio, Italy
Veronica while acro yoga session

Opublikowane przez Youth Support Centre Foundation

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