Training Course Rising Digital Youth Workers 13-20 January 2020

Rising Digital Youth Workers was a mobility of youth workers – the training course hosted in peaceful Guesthouse Gościniec pod Gruszą, in Stara Kraśnica, the land of extinct vulcanos, Poland from 13th to 20th of January 2020.

The Training Course gathered 24 participants: youth trainers, youth leaders, members, employees, co-workers and volunteers actively involved in life of partner organisations coming from Poland, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Lithuania, Greece and Portugal.

The Training Course Rising Digital Youth Workers was the second activity of the Project : „Let’s get online and Rising Digital Youth Workers” co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

What were the main objectives of the project?

  • to provide knowledge, practices to youth workers how to analyse and strategically create communication of organisations on the Internet
  • to educate and provide direct examples to youth workers about online threats that effect partner organisations and their target groups (cyber safety)
  • to enhance participants ICT skills and competences and raise awareness about importance of new media use
  • to improve youth workers knowledge and skills in using digital tools, programmes and channels
  • to foster international cooperation of partner organisations and to develop follow-up activities on local level.

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